I have a beautiful cat and her name is Anita. Anita is a white fluffy furry cat with big green eyes.
Anita has a gray tip on her tail and on each ear. Anita loves our family and we love her too. Our
beautiful cat is part of our family.

When Anita was a kitten she would like to play with everything. Anita would hide and run out at you when
you walk a pass her. Sometimes it scares you and you jump which makes Anita ran away. While you set in a
chair watching your favorite show she will jump on your lap and purr. Anita will go into the kitchen to her
bowl and meow when she wants to eat. Sometimes Anita runs across the floor so fast her paw goes into the
water bowl. Anita will then shake her paw over and over, she will meow and meow. At this time we have to laugh
and laugh at her.

After Anita eats she is ready to take a nap. Anita goes in and curls up in her bed.
Anita loves her bed to nap in during the day. At night Anita will come into my room
and curl up on my bed with me and we sleep till morning. I love my Anita my wonderful
beautiful white cat with the gray tip on she ears and tail.