It was a cold, dark rainy night and granny was getting ready for bed. The wind blew hard though the trees hitting the limbs against the windows of the house. “That is quite a storm going on out there,” Granny told her little dog poohbear as she arranged the candles on the dresser. Papa was away for a few days taking care of business in the city so granny was all along except for poorbear, lady and the farm animals.
Granny was a small woman but there was not many things that she had a fear of. One time there was a mountain loin that came to the farm and was attacking one of the animals and granny fought off the mountain loin with a big metal pipe and saved the little lamb.
The thunder roared and the lighting snapped as the rain poured and hail begun beating down on the roof. All of a sudden the lights went out and granny grabbed a hold of the matches and lit the candles so there would be light in the house.
Granny goes to the window to look out at the barn to make sure all the animals were still inside. Granny pulled back the curtains and looked out. “Oh my,” shouted Granny. There is a bear trying to get into the barn door. Granny grabbed her rain coat and started running down the stairs. Poopbear at her heels running and barking behind her. Granny threw the back door open and grabbed a long shovel and ran towards the barn. Granny was shouting and Poohbear was barking and towards the bear they went. The bear turned towards Granny and stood on its hind feet. Granny was yelling and swinging the shovel at the bear. The bear was growling and throwing his paws in Granny’s direction. Each time the bear almost gets Granny but Poopbear bites the bear as Granny hits the bear with the shovel over and over. The bear turned and ran back into the wooded land. Granny checked on the animals in the barn and then went back towards the house. Granny gave Poohbear a doggy snack and fixed herself a cup of warm milk as they listened to the storm that continued to brew outside.