rectangle2The Rectangle

barn-doorGranny’s barn door has a rectangle shape.

squareThe square

window1The window in the barn is in the shape of a square.

circle1The Circle

wagonGranny has many wheels on her farm.  A wheel is in the shape of a circle.

oval1The Oval

oval-eggThe egg has an oval shape.  The chickens on Granny’s Acres lays lots of oval eggs.

many-stars1The Star

night-star1Stars hang in the night sky over Granny’s Acres.

my-heart1The Heart

heart1There is a heart on the gate at Granny’s Acres.  The shows Granny loves and welcomes all to come visit.

triangles1The Triangle

triangle-tomatoes1Granny likes to put her home grown tomatoes into the shape of a triangle.