grannys-apple-tree“Oh my,” shouted Granny as she walked towards the apple tree that was on the ground.   “What happened to my apple tree?” asked Granny.  All the animals gathered around to see the tree.  “Who would do such a thing ask Robert the rabbit?” 

All of a sudden a voice spoke up,  “It was one of the beaver boys,” said Marvin the duck.  “My family and I was going to the creek to swim and I saw one of the beaver boys cutting down the tree and it fell before I could tell him to stop,” Marvin the duck continued.

“That’s right, that is what happen and I am very sorry Granny,” said Eddie the beaver.  Granny turned around and there stood Eddie the beaver.  “Eddie did you cut down my apple tree?” asked Granny.  “No Granny but my son did.  I have been training the boys on how to cut down trees, because they will soon be old enough to be out on their own and need to learn the trade of the beavers.   Well, they do not understand that you do not go around cutting every tree you see.  The boys are sorry Granny and we wish we could make it up to you.”  “Thanks Eddie, said Granny “it was just a mistake and I know the boys have learned an important lesson from this.  Besides Eddie the tree did not bare fruit anymore and if I recall you made the same mistake when you was a young beaver learning the trade with your father.” 

Granny and all the animals began to laugh and Robert the rabbit thought to himself that tree will sure make a great hiding place when we playing hide and seek.