Opened my eyes and there he was, Little Victor already up and beside Granny’s bed. I looked over at the clock and it was 6:00 in the morning, my goodness I thought the alarm has not even went off yet.
Victor’s mother came into the room to get him and take him to the table for breakfast. I got dressed and went to the kitchen and there he was Little Victor. He had a bite of pancake in one hand going to his mouth and another in the other hand going to the floor. Victor, his Mommy said, “Don’t feed Poohbear. Poohbear is my dog here on Granny’s acres. Victor’s Mommy went off to work and Victor, Grandpa and I finished our breakfast. Victor was into everything that day he played at his train table, then with his cars and trucks. Victor took a ride on his train that makes sounds and watched Granny clean the kitchen.
Soon it was lunch time and Victor was hungry. Victor had a slice of pizza for lunch with a glass of milk and a bowl of applesauce. Now it was time to clean up.
Victor and Granny went to the rocking chair and read several of Victor’s books. Victor and his Granny sung some songs and before long Victor was soon a sleep. Granny laid Victor in his bed and gave him a kiss.
Victor had a good nap and then school was out and his Mommy was home from work. Granny, Mommy and Victor cooked dinner together so it would be ready when everyone came home.
Victor and his Mommy went outside to play and take a wagon ride. Soon it was time for a bath and off to bed for today was a hard days work for Little Victor.