Jimmy and Timmy went out for a walk in the woods. They had walked for a while when Jimmy saw a house made of wood sticks and leaves. “Whose house is that,” asked Jimmy. “I don’t know, we all live close to the barn so I don’t know who lives here,” answered Timmy. “Do you think it is one of Granny’s friends?” said Jimmy. Maybe it is an alien from space,” said Timmy. “You really think so?” answered as he began to breathe harder.
Quietly and slowly Jimmy and Timmy walked closer. They did not think anyone was home. So closer and closer they walked to take a peek inside the little wood and stick home. Closer they went till they came to the opening of the little house. Jimmy and Timmy stood looking when all of a sudden with a giant roar a big pack rat rushed out yelling. “Who are you and what are you doing snooping around my house?” Jimmy and Timmy told the pack rat they were walking though the woods and saw the house. They did not know who lived there and they wanted to come closer to see if anyone was home. “Well, I live here and my name is Hector Rat and I do not like company so please leave.
Jimmy and Timmy told Hector the Rat they were sorry and off they went continuing their walk. “Boy, that pack rat sure was grumpy,” said Jimmy. “He sure was,” answered Timmy, “he sure was. As the boys walk slowly for a while then all at once Jimmy took off running. “What are you doing?” asked Timmy as he tried to catch up with Jimmy. I’m going to tell Granny all about the rat before you do,” Jimmy replied. “Oh no your not,” yelled Timmy as he past Jimmy in a dead run. Off the two little chicks ran thinking to themselves how lucky they were that the Hector the pack rat did not eat them.