bed time storiesbed time storiesbed time stories

One night while Granny was all snuggled up in her warm bed, she was suddenly awakened by the sudden burst of festive music. 
Where is that music coming from? Granny thought,  as she put on her robe and headed slowly down the stairs.

“I think that music is coming from PaPa Victor’s barn,” Granny thought to herself as she looked out the kitchen window and saw the light on in the barn. 
Granny grabbed her flashlight and as she walked towards the barn, she could hear the mooing, quacking, meowing, oinking, heeing and baaing of her barnyard friends.
What are those animals up to? thought Granny.  I put them to bed and read them a story hours ago.

Granny slowly opened the door.  Betty the cow was playing the drums and Myrna the pig was playing the piano.  The Guineas were all dancing in their cages.  Jay Jay the pony was tooting away on a horn and Molly, Polly and Wally the goats were singing.
“What are you doing?” asked Granny.  The animals were so surprised to see Granny. 
“We must have been to loud.” mooed Betty.  “We were practicing for your surprise birthday party,” oinked Myra .

“Oh my! But my birthday is 10 months away,” Granny said.
“We know,” replied the animals “but we need all practice we can get.”