The rain just keeps coming down harder and harder, while the water in Cotton Creek is rising higher and higher. If it does not stop soon the creek will over flow and go across the field.
The land on Granny’s Acres is divided by Bee Creek. When Cotton Creek flows the water will run across and flood the field and into Bee Creek. Any animals on the other side of Bee Creek will not be able to get back across the creek to the other field until the water goes down. Today was the day the rain did not stop and Cotton Creek flooded over across the field and into Bee Creek. A mother cow was on the west side of Bee Creek and her baby calf was still on the east side of the creek. Moo, said the cow wanting to get to her calf but it was no use the water was to high. The baby calf kept walking towards the flooding water trying to gets to her mother.
Duke the farm dog and who watches over the cattle starts to bark. He runs to the barn where Grandpa was doing his chores. “What’s the matter Duke?” asked Grandpa. Duke just kept on barking and running toward the field wanting Grandpa to follow him.
Grandpa jumped in the old farm truck and follow Duke toward the flooding water. Grandpa, knew when Duke acts like this he has a good reason and something terrible is wrong. When Grandpa reaches the flooding water he could see the mother cow on the other side and the small calf wanting to get to her mother. Grandpa stops the truck, get out and puts the little calf in the truck.
Grandpa knows he can go around to another entrance and get the calf to her mother. Grandpa drives around to the other entrance, pulls into the field and takes the little calf out of the truck. The mother cow sees her baby calf and the two are together again safe and sound.