grannys-talking-cows“The wind is starting to blow pretty hard.” said Granny to Grandpa.  “It sure is,”  said Grandpa. ” I better go out and make sure all the animals are inside the barns and shut the doors up tight.  “I’ll go and help you,” said Granny.  “It looks like it could be a big storm heading this way and I will need all the help I can get,” said Grandpa as he headed out the door.  The wind was blowing so hard it was all Granny could do to walk.   As Granny and Grandpa reached the horse barn they noticed all the horses were already in their stalls.  The cows were also in their barn except for Betty and she did not like to stay insde.  Granny had to go get Betty and take her into the barn as Grandpa was closing the last door.  All the goats were in their shed and the pigs were in their houses as Granny and Grandpa walked over to check on them.  “All the Chickens are in the chicken house,”  called Granny as Grandpa checked on the ducks and other small animal.

On their way back to the house the rain started to come down.  “Look at that rain Papa,”  said Granny.  “I haven’t seen it rain like this since I was kid on my daddy’s farm,” said Grandpa.  Grandpa told Granny to gather up the things she needed because he thought they should go to the cellar.  Granny hurried though the house gathering all she could and they hurried down to the cellar.  Just as they closed the door they heard a big boom.  They peeked out the door of the cellar.  Sparks were flying everywhere in the air and on the ground.  Sparks were snapping and cracking all over the farm.  Grandpa and Granny were in the cellar for about an hour when they realized they did not hear the wind blowing or the thunder booming.  They opened the cellar door and the storm was over.  The sun was shining and the skies were clear.  All over the ground were tree branches and debris.   “What a mess to clean up,” said Granny.

Granny and Grandpa were standing by the barn talking about the storm when they heard voices.  “Who is in the barn,” asked Granny.   “I don’t know lets go see,” answered Grandpa.

Grandpa opened the barn door and went inside with Granny right behind him.  “Who is in here,” yelled Grandpa.  “No one but us,” answered Jay Jay.  “Did Jay Jay just  talk,” asked Granny.  “It sure sounded like it, answered Grandpa.  “We can all talk,”  answered Jay Jay.  “How,” asked Granny “did this happen.”   “I don’t know but when all the sparks were flying around us something happen.  When the sparks stopped we could all talk and understand what you are saying,” answered Jay Jay.

“Wow, we will never forget this day.  The day the animals all began to talk to us,”  said Grandpa and Granny as they sat down on a bale of hay.