Kettle Corn

Granny and Grandpa went out into the corn field to pick corn.  Granny said, “Grandpa, it looks like someone has been eating our corn.”  Granny stood and looked around at the corn field.  “It doesn’t look like they ate much of the corn and there is still plenty for all the others animals.”

Granny and Grandpa started back to the truck when they saw a few little heads peeking though the corn at them.  “Well hello,” said Granny to the little raccoons.  “Hello,” answered the daddy raccoon.  “We are sorry for getting into your corn field without asking, but we were very hungry.”  “That’s okay,” answered Granny “we would not want anyone to go hungry and you only ate what you needed and did not waste any of the corn. We planted plenty of corn for everyone and now that we know there is a family of raccoons living on Granny’s acres, we will plant plenty again next year.

“What’s your name raccoon?” said Granny. “Most people call me Bandit and for some reason, they call my family the little outlaws”  said Bandit. “we will be happy to help you plant corn next year to help make up for the corn we eat this year” said Bandit.  “That sounds like a good idea and I could use the help,” said Grandpa.

“Bye Bandit and all the little outlaws” said Granny.  “It’s time for us to go home and fire up the kettle”. Then Grampa and Granny got in their old truck and went across the field back to their home to enjoy fresh corn on the cob for lunch.

kettle Corn