“Get up Blake!” Daddy Guinea said as he crossed the room. 

Rubbing his tired eyes, Blake replied, “Why Daddy?”

“We are going fishing.”

Blake jumped out of bed and exclaimed, “Fishing WOW!” 

After gobbling down his breakfast as fast he could, Blake ran out the door shouting “I’m ready to go!”

It wasn’t long before Blake and his daddy was kicked back enjoying the fresh breeze at their pond. 

All of a sudden Blake felt a jerk on his pole “I got one! I got one!” yelled Blake reeling as fast as he paws could go.

“Wow it’s a big one,” said Daddy Guinea as he went to help.  “That’s the biggest fish I have ever seen.”

Blake looked up to his dad, “And I caught it.”

“Yes you did,” Daddy Guinea was very proud of Blake’s catch.

Blake and his daddy turned around to move back up the bank when suddenly Daddy Guinea let out a loud shreak.

“Hold on daddy, I’ll help you!”  Daddy Guinea had fallen in a hole. 

Blake used his fishing pole to help pull his daddy out.

As they headed back home holding paws Blake said, “Today you helped me and I helped you, we helped each other.”

“That’s right Blake, that’s what makes life so great when you can help others.”