“Oh, what a beautiful morning!” said Granny. “How would you like to go with me to do my chores today Poohbear?” Poohbear jumped around and around with excitement just thinking about going to the barnyard with Granny.

Poohbear is a puppy and had never been any farther than the backyard. The only animals Poohbear has played with so far was Jack the farm’s guard dog, Sweetie and Cinnamon two little female dogs that came over to Granny’s to play.

Today Poohbear was playing with the cats that thought Poohbear was a little on the silly side. Poohbear was having a good time when up came a white rooster named Colonel. Colonel thinks he runs things in the barnyard and he doesn’t like the idea of Poohbear messing around his domain. The Colonel walks over and looks at Poohbear and Poohbear stares back. It is time for a show-down. All of a sudden the rooster starts doing a little dance and then up in the air he flies and jumps at Poohbear. Poohbear yelps and Granny comes running to save Poohbear from the Colonel.

Granny picks up her broom and chases the Colonel away from Poohbear. Boy, that was a close one thought Poohbear. I am sure glad Granny was around or I would have had to hurt that rooster, Poohbear thought as he followed Granny back into the house where it was save.

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