hollandsworth-pix-122“You call that a big fish,” Blake said to his daddy’s friend.  “Blake that is not very nice, William caught a very good size fish,” said Granny.  “I don’t mean to be rude,”  Blake said “but William you should see the one I caught last summer.” 

“Yes, William Blake caught a big ten pound bass down at the Northwoodland pond with his father last summer.  Blake was so proud and so was his Father and Grandfather.  Blake and his Grandfather took the big bass and had the fish mounted on some wood and it is hanging on the wall for all to see.  Come in William and see the fish for your self,” said Granny.

“Everyone headed for the little cabin where Blake and his father lived.   As Blake opened the door there it was  “Wow, that is a good looking mount Blake,” said William.  “I think I will be back to fish and see if I can catch one bigger than yours.”  “You can try, said Blake ” you can try, but right now yours is not as big as mine.”