Granny Guinea worked in a carrot factory.  
Little Blake Guinea went to the Guinea Day Care Center and did not want to go to school today.
“I have a tummy ache,” said Blake as he rubbed his belly. Granny Guinea fixed up a small bowl of lettuce soup for her grandson.
“Here, this will make you feel better,” said Granny Guinea. 
With a sad face Blake mumbled “Feel my head grandma, I think I have a fever.” 
“You feel cool to me,”  Granny responses after gently touching his forehead.
All the way to school Blake complained about not feeling well and wanted to go back home.
As they reached the door Blake said, “I don’t want to go to school today” as Granny opened the door and went inside.
Blake saw his friend playing with the toys. Blake ran over to his friend Timmy and picked up his favorite truck. “Bye Granny!”
Blake said as he ran back over to give her a hug and kiss.
“Bye Sweetie, so do you still want to go back and stay home today?” She asked as she smiled at his quick recovery.
“No Granny, maybe tomorrow,” Blake replied as he ran off to play.