The wind makes the sound of music as it gentle blows across the open field. The moon shines down across the pond showing it’s reflection from the water. If you listen you can hear the crickets join in the fun and make more rhythm with the music. The frogs sing their love songs from their lily pads as the warm and beautiful summer night at Granny’s Acres moves forward. The turtles slowly moved from the water to the bank of the pond, as the mice scurry from the field to see what all the music is about. The fish jumps up from the water and back down again to join in the fun, as the water swirls around and around in the pond.
Marge the mouse asked, “is something special going on tonight.” “No,” said Tim the turtle, “It is just a beautiful night and we are just getting together to sing and have some fun.” “Come and joins us if you like, we will have lots of fun.”
As the night went on so did the music and the fun. The Fireflies lite up the trees and the dragon flies flew up, over and around the pond. All the creatures large and small had a wonderful time that summer night on the pond on Granny’s Acres.