marvinThe barnyard was a busy place today.  All the mommies were out in the yard with their babies.  The warm sun shining was down on their faces.  There was Mervin and his mate Dixie with their five baby ducks. 

“What a fine looking family you have there Mervin,”  said Granny as she gave them some grain.   “Yes and I am proud of all of them,”  quacked Mervin.  “I think they all look like me,”  Mervin said in excitment.  “Yes they do,” Granny said laughing as Mervin Proudly looked after his and Dixie’s baby ducks.   

All the baby ducks were having a fun time playing in the barnyard today.  The warm sun made it a nice day for the baby ducks to be outside.  They were all  waddling around pecking at each other, jumping for bugs, running though the mud puddles and having a great time.

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