Making a Caterpillar is so much fun.  Here is the things you will need to make a caterpillar.

1 wide craft stick

6 pom poms  What ever color you want.  I have many caterpillars and some are yellow, red, green, black or blue.

2 google eyes the large size is better but it depends on the size of your pom pom.


Put a little glue on the pom pom and then put the pom pom on the stick.  After you have all six pom poms on then put some glue on the back of the eyes and put them on the first pom pom. 

If you want you can cut two small pieces of pipe cleaner sticks and glue to the first pom pom just above the eyes.

Now if you want them to go all over the refrigerator you can put some magnetic tape on the back of the craft stick.

These are so cute and the children and you will love making them.