“I don’t want to live on Granny’s Acres,” quacked the baby duck.  “I want to go and be free.”  “Free?” said Mother duck.   “Yes, free to do what I want,”  answered Baby duck.  “You are free now,”  said Mother duck.  “No!”  stomped baby duck “I can’t go to the big pond whenever I want to and I can’t walk around in the big yard whenever I want to.”  Oh no! Baby duck that is because it is not safe until you grow into a big duck.  “I’m not scared of nothing,” quacked Baby duck.  “Well you should be,” quacked Mother duck “you should be.”

That evening just before Granny shut the gate baby duck took off and hid in the bushes over by the porch.  I did it, thought baby duck.  I did it, I’m free.  Baby duck was enjoying his freedom as he waddled around Granny’s big yard.  All of a sudden an owl swooped down and tried to catch baby duck with her claws.  Baby duck ran for cover.  Under Granny’s old truck baby duck went and stayed there shaking with fear all night.   Soon the sun was beeming out and baby duck started off to the big pond.  Baby duck knew he was not to ever go to the big pond alone.  I’m not a baby I will show everyone I am a big duck, I’ll show them, they will see and be sorry they treated me like a baby.

As baby duck reached the water he was so excited, baby duck had never seen so much water.  Baby duck waddled into the water.  Oh! this is so nice, thought baby duck as he swam around the pond. 

All of a sudden, baby duck went under the water.  Something has my leg, baby duck panicked.  “Help! Help!”  quacked Baby duck.   Baby duck was aware no one knew he was at the big pond.  Baby duck heard a commotion and his leg was free.  He swam back to the bank as fast as he could.  He wished his mommy was there to help him back home.  Just at that moment Mother duck came out of the pond.  “Mommy!  Mommy! I am sorry I did not listen to you,” quacked baby duck.  “I know,” said Mother duck “you are safe now and I love you.”  “Let’s go home now,” said Baby duck.  “Sounds like a good idea,” answered Mother duck. Baby duck then relized that mommy duck only told him no to things because she loved him and wanted to keep him safe.