A is for apple trees that grows apples.   apples

B is for Bees beebutterflyand Butterflies in Granny’s garden.

C is for Granny’s Cows, cowCats catand chickChickens.

D is for Granny’s miloDogs and the deerDeer that run across the land.

E is for eggs oval-eggfrom Granny’s hens.

F is for frogfrogs and gray-fishfish that live in Granny’s pond.

G is for Granny’s Goats.  goats2

H is for hayhay Granny gives the cows and horses to eat.

I is for ice that covers Granny’s pondponds in the winter.

J is for Jay Jay Granny’s ponyPony.

K is for the kitekites that Granny likes to fly with her grandchildren.

L is for Granny’sllama Llamas.

M is for the  mailmailman that brings Granny’s mail.

N is for nutsnuts from Granny’s trees.

O is for owlowls you can hear hooting at night.

P is for Granny’s pigsPigs.

Q is for quiet nights when all the sleeping-pigsanimals is asleep.

R is for Granny’s rabbitRabbits.

S is for silly-squirrelsSquirrels that live on Granny’s acres.

T is for turtle3Turtle and  turkey Turkey.

U is for Granny’s umbrellaumbrella.

V is for Granny’s many garden1vegetables.

W is for all the workwork there is to do on the farm.

X is for xylem the woody tissue of some of Granny’s plants.

Y is for you, everyone that  reads Granny’s stories.

Z is for zinniazinnia a flower in Granny’s gardens.