bob-and-myra1Full Moon looks scary

“Bobby, come here and look at the moon.  It is so big and round,” cried Myrna the pig.  Bobby came over and looked up. “Wow,” said Bobby, it is big, round and orange too.”

“Myrna,” said Bobby, “do you think someone is having a party up in the sky tonight?”  “I don’t know,” said Myrna “maybe it is mad at us. It looks pretty scary to me.  Let’s go ask Granny because Granny know everything.”

Grandpa and Granny was sitting in the swing enjoying the evening.  “Granny, Granny whats wrong with the moon,” cried Bobby and Myrna as they came running across the back yard.  It is so big, round, orange and scary to.”  said Myrna.

“Slow down,” said Granny.  “There isn’t anything wrong with the moon.  When the moon is full, it is bright and it lights the night.  “Then it is not mad at us and it is not going to come down and burn us with it’s big orange light?” said Myrna.  “No, of course not,” said Granny “there is no reason to be scared of the moon, so you can go play and have lots of fun in the moon light.”  “Thanks Granny,”  said Myrna and Bobby as they raced back to their pens to play in the moonlight. 

dancing pigs