big red barn

Bessie lives on Granny’s acres and she loves living in the big red barn. She thinks that her barn is the best place on the farm. When Granny was milking Bessie this morning Bessie said, “Granny, I think my barn is the best place on this whole farm.” Granny stopped milking Bessie for a moment and looked up above her glasses and said “why do you say that Bessie?” Bessie began telling Granny about how the barn provides shelter to all her friends at night when it is cold and that there is always plenty to eat in the food pans. The barn keeps out the coyotes, hawks, and owls that would eat the smaller animals like Zoey the cat and Mervin the duck and his family. Granny replied back that she is so happy, she is proud of her barn and that she loves sharing it with other animals in need. Then Granny jumped up with the bucket of milk and told Bessie thank you for being so giving and that her and Grandpa will enjoy the milk this morning in their coffee. Bessie Replied as she turned to go back into the barnyard, “I’m so glad to help and I hope you enjoy the fresh milk!”