australia-june-2007-19On a warm day in June, Granny decided to go into the city.  Granny had always wanted to see how city animal live.  Granny said, goodbye to her animals and off she went.

As Granny reached the edge of the city the traffic picked up.  Goodness Granny thought they let animals drive in the city.  I hope my animals never get word of this, thought Granny.  Granny was driving along when all of a sudden a car came up behind her honking and honking.  “Get off the road!” the cow mooed as she sped around Granny’s truck as the cow continued talking on her cell phone.

“Go back to the farm grandma!” oinked the pig passing Granny while putting on her lipstick. 

The city is just to fast for me, thought Granny.  The city is a great place to visit but there is no place like my  home on Granny’s Acres.