On Granny’s Acres lives a little duck named Mervin.  Mervin has lived on Granny’s Acres since he was a baby duck. 

One day Mervin saw Granny speeding down the driveway in her old truck.  As the wind cleared away the gravel dust Mervin could see she had parked by the pond. 

What is she doing? Mervin wondered as he waddled towards the pond. 

Granny got out of the old truck and pulled out a cage. 

Mervin could not believe his eyes. 

Inside the cage was another duck.   

Oh my! Thought Mervin, Granny has brought me a friend. 

Granny saw Mervin and said, “Mervin I brought you a friend.” 

Mervin quacked and quacked with joy.

“Yes Mervin,” said Granny “Everyone loves to have friends.”