Granny’s goat went up the hill.

Granny’s  goat came down the hill.


Granny opened the barn door.

Granny closed the barn door.


Granny’s little dog was sad.

Granny’s little dog was happy.


Granny’s cows made lots of noise.

Granny’s cows are now quiet.


Granny’s cat walked slow.

Granny’s cat ran fast.


The weather is cold in the winter.

The weather is hot in the summer.


Granny’s car turned left.

Papa’s truck turned right.


Granny works during the day.

Granny sleeps at night.


Granny’s little ducks were bad.

Granny’s little ducks were good.


Do you know other words that are opposites?

Here are a few more:

Yes – No

Come – Go

New – Old

Right – Wrong