hollandsworth-pix-3There goes Granny down the road with her little dog Poohbear by her side.  Granny loves driving her 1948 Ford F1 pickup.  They go down the road with the wind blowing through their hair and the smell of rain in the air. 

Poohbear started to bark.  “Whats wrong Poohbear?”  said Granny.  Poohbear jumped up and was looking out the window in the direction where they had just traveled.  Granny turned around and there on the side of the road was a little cat.

You poor little cat, thought Granny as she walked over to the cat.  The cat was too weak to get up.  Granny took the cat in her arms and put it on the back of the truck.  “What happen to you little cat?”  asked Granny. 

“My owners did not want me anymore so they drove me to the country and put me on the side of the road.  I have not had anything to eat for days,”  answered the little cat.  “What is your name?” Granny asked.  ” My name is Zoey,”  said the little cat. 

“Well, Zoey to my house you will go and you can live there as long as you want.  I have a large farm and lots of room for you to live with us. Right Poohbear?” “Yes,”  said Poohbear, and she can be my friend.”

Are you looking for children’s books about finding friends? Childhood friendship is an important bond that strengthens your child’s social skills and gives comfort when they need someone to reach out to.